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2021 winners

Congratulations to all of the UK FinTech Awards 2021 winners

The UK FinTech Awards 2021 ceremony was held at Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s in the heart of the UK’s financial centre on 22 July.

Starling Bank won FinTech of the Year last night to cap off a UK FinTech Awards 2021 ceremony in which 22 categories were closely fought.

Joining Starling Bank as winners were Tide (Banking Tech of the Year), Previse (Payments Tech of the Year) and Tractable (InsurTech of the Year).

Ron Kalifa OBE, author of the independent fintech strategic review for the UK, set the scene for the evening with a speech on the rise of the jurisdiction as a fintech powerhouse.

He told attendees: “Over the past decade, fintech has moved steadily away from being a fringe sector populated by startups, to a world leading and fast-growing part of our economy. Fintech solutions now lie at the heart of innovation in financial services—and the total tech spend of traditional financial services was £95 billion in 2019.”

Phil Vidler, chief executive officer of FinTech Alliance and chair of the independent judging panel that oversaw and delivered the UK FinTech Awards 2021 results, praised the quality of every fintech that entered and their commitment to customers during the pandemic.

He continued: “To say investors are doubling down on FinTech is an understatement.”

“It shows just how vital the sector will be in fueling economic recovery in the coming years. Not just from direct investment and job creation, but also as an enabler to other sectors. UK fintechs—many of them honoured in tonight’s awards—also offer vital support to industries like hospitality, retail and travel as they look to rebuild in the coming year.”

Here is the full list of winners and the reasons for their success last night.

  • Banking Tech of the Year: Tide
    • “Tide is doing great work in business banking, making significant progress over the past year. A worthy winner, Tide has expanded business support tools and gone the extra mile for SMEs.”
  • Best Use of Blockchain Technology is: R3
    • “R3 is achieving excellent market penetration, particularly among financial institutions. Its partnerships will propel it and the technology forward. There are exciting times ahead.”
  • Payments Tech of the Year: Previse
    • “Previse provides a valuable, sustainable solution that’s a win-win for buyers and suppliers. It is yet another example of the rise of fintech to meet the impacts of the pandemic, particularly on businesses.”
  • InsurTech of the Year: Tractable
    • “Tractable was the clear winner. It showcased how it has managed to use insurtech to solve real issues for customers, particularly through the use of AI. It is also experiencing remarkable growth.”
  • Pensions Tech of the Year: Moneyhub Enterprise
    • “Moneyhub Enterprise is doing a good job in retirement saving. It is bringing the power of open finance to this space and getting users to engage with their pensions. A great company.”
  • Investment Tech of the Year: Tickr
    • “Tickr is making its mark in Europe, standing out in a competitive category for its exceptional growth and bringing new tools to bear in ethical investing.”
  • WealthTech of the Year: Moneyhub Enterprise
    • “Moneyhub Enterprise is a pioneer in open finance and uses its position to lead by example. It is delivering real innovation in this area. A fine example of the power of AI when paired with capable people.”
  • RegTech of the Year: Onfido
    • “Onfido provides a vital service for businesses and their customers. It has proven particularly powerful during the pandemic, with large swathes of business moving online and new threats emerging.”
  • LendTech of the Year: Funding Options
    • “Funding Options is doing an amazing job of helping SMEs, as it has done so throughout the pandemic. It is showcasing what the lendtech sector can do.”
  • Accounting Tech of the Year: Xero
    • “Xero has supported hundreds of thousands of SMEs during the pandemic. It is also highly innovative, launching a new product that enables accountants to prepare accounts and file tax returns remotely.”
  • Data Initiative of the Year: Synectics Solutions
    • “Synectics Solutions is championing the use of data across the private and public sectors to solve multiple problems, including fighting fraud and boosting financial inclusion. The ethical treatment of all is at the heart of its operation. A worthy winner.”
  • Personal Finance Tech of the Year: Hastee
    • “Hastee stood out for tackling the issue of worker liquidity. It has gone from strength to strength, raising significant funding, making an acquisition and reaching a major milestone in user numbers.”
  • Startup of the Year: Nova Money
    • “Nova Money is developing a novel money saving app that aims to gamify personal finance to promote better financial habits and is an exciting startup with a bright future.”
  • Online Initiative of the Year: McLEAR
    • “McLEAR is being recognised for several initiatives. Each carefully rewards customers while benefiting partners, at a time when online purchasing has proven crucial. It has successfully adapted to its customers’ needs.”
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award: OpenPayd
    • “OpenPayd is at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in fintech. It is removing barriers to entry, actively promoting equality and celebrating diversity, aiming to provide a blueprint for the entire sector.”
  • Best Employer Award: Urban Jungle
    • “Urban Jungle stood out in a highly competitive category for its work in boosting the mental and physical health of its employees, including the provision of counselling for every member of staff.”
  • Trainee of the Year: Fiona Jones, Digital Identity Net
    • “Fiona Jones brought superb knowledge of the fintech sector to Digital Identity Net and carried out research projects that have materially impacted its product strategy. Fiona continues to demonstrate an excellent standard of work within marketing and is a committed member of the Digital Identity Net team with a promising future.”
  • Team of the Year: Collective Benefits
    • “Collective Benefits has grown quickly but established and maintained a strong and ambitious culture that it practises internally and externally in pursuit of its mission to expand the safety net for independent workers.
  • Rising Star of the Year: Amélie Arras, Zumo
    • “Amélie Arras of Zumo is a celebrated marketing and communications professional in the fintech sector. Amélie has widely promoted the benefits of cryptocurrency and championed the work of women in this space.”
  • Innovator of the Year: Christine Minetou, Policy Expert
    • “Christine Minetou has been central to Policy Expert’s approach to data. Christine spearheads a team of data scientists working at the cutting edge of insurance pricing and pioneers the use of data analytics techniques.”
  • Director of the Year: Samantha Seaton of Moneyhub Enterprise 
    • “Samantha Seaton of Moneyhub Enterprise is a leader in both the financial services sector and open banking. Samantha has championed financial wellness and was the standout winner. Samantha’s focus on diversity and inclusion is also notable and worthy of recognition with this award.”
  • FinTech of the Year: Starling Bank
    • “Starling Bank has emerged as a vital digital banking provider to both consumers and businesses. A particular highlight for Starling Bank has been its lending platform. This fintech is removing delays in lending and simplifying the process.”


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