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Jack Maddock

Jack Maddock Wise, FinTech of the Year 2023

Jack brings over a decade of experience in the financial services industry to his current role as product manager at Rho. Prior to this, Jack was the senior product manager at Wise. With nearly three years of dedicated service, he has been instrumental in delivering impactful solutions for businesses on a global scale. 

Before joining Wise, Jack spent a significant portion of his career at Barclays. During his eight-year tenure there, he initially engaged with customers face-to-face through the branch network, telephony and relationship management. Drawing from this extensive customer-facing experience, Jack transitioned into a role where he leveraged his insights to create digital experiences within the Barclays app. These digital innovations were designed to empower consumers to manage their finances effectively. 

Furthermore, Jack’s commitment to the financial sector extended beyond traditional banking. During the challenging times of the pandemic, he collaborated with other industry experts to launch SaveMyLocal, an initiative that enabled UK businesses to offer vouchers to their customers, redeemable once the pandemic subsided.  

In addition to his professional endeavours, Jack has made a notable presence in the media, advocating for the fair treatment of small and medium-sized enterprises by their financial services providers.  

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