Welcome from the chair


Nicola Anderson, FinTech Scotland

I’m delighted to have been involved in this year’s awards and to have had the opportunity to experience, learn and be inspired by the fantastic fintech innovators that are all working hard and developing future digital fintech solutions that will shape the way we do finance in the UK.


All of us are acutely aware of the significant potential technology has to shift our experiences of finance. Global digital shifts continue to touch all of us every day as the way we live our lives changes and our expectations as consumers and businesses are changing.


Fintech is changing the way people, communities and businesses engage with money and finance. It is creating a range of opportunities developed through sustainable and inclusive innovations that will positively impact the economy, society and all of us as consumers and citizens, and that’s worth celebrating!


I’m privileged in my role at FinTech Scotland to see fintech innovators every day, striving for change and building innovations and solutions that are positively disrupting financial services. They are demanding more from themselves and the industry as they create the future products and services that we will need to service and grow the digital economy.


The purposeful, positive intent of fintech founders and leaders across the UK means we as citizens and consumers can be confident that the future of finance, while changing, is in good hands.


Fintech innovation across the UK is going from strength to strength. We saw record levels of investment in fintech in 2021, with numbers reaching £27.5 billion—a significant increase in the last 12 months.


The UK is a world leader in fintech, a reputation we can be proud of, particularly as we know this talent and ability for fintech innovations comes from talent and collaboration from right across the UK: Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, London and throughout England.


This year, the standard of applications across all the award categories was outstanding.


Thank you to all those who applied. You made our job across the judging panel extremely difficult.


I’d also like to thank the judges involved this year. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all. Your leadership, insights, and determination continue to enhance and drive the best for fintech across the UK.


My thanks too, to FinTech Intel, enabling us to gather and celebrate the incredible fintech innovations and developments across the UK.


There is significant fintech talent represented at these awards and many fintech enterprises that, I have no doubt, will become household names across all the regions of the UK in the near future.