UK FinTech Awards 22 - Logos - Fundsquire

Fundsquire invests game-changing capital into innovative companies around the world. Our goal is to make non-dilutive funding as straightforward, quick, frictionless, and personalised as possible for our customers. We help entrepreneurs grow their businesses with fast, easy, and early ways to access capital—beyond selling equity.


Through our unique funding solutions, our customers have the ability to access their R&D tax incentives, government grants, or future revenues much earlier and accelerate their growth. We pride ourselves on our customer service which is reflected in having a long-standing relationship with businesses at all stages of growth and across sectors.


Along with our flexible, quick, transparent funding options, we also connect our clients to our expansive network of partners—from advisers to investors and everything in between—bring resources, perks, and seamless funding options to our customers.


Founded in 2016 by passionate entrepreneurs with a goal to offer simple, non-dilutive capital options to businesses, Fundsquire has grown rapidly. We have expanded our funding solutions portfolio, accelerated tech and platform development, and have recently received £40 million in strategic investment from Fasanara Capital. Fundsquire’s own journey motivates us to create solutions that empower businesses to take control of their funding timeline.