Dr Naseem Naqvi 

British Blockchain Association 


Naseem was the first person in the world to coin the term “Evidence-Based Blockchain” (EBB). His list of positions include: 

  • Founding Chair of the Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain. 
  • President and Principal Fellow of the British Blockchain Association. 
  • Editor-in-Chief and Founder of the Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), the world’s first open access scientific blockchain journal available both in print and online. 
  • Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool. 
  • Chair of Research and Education at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. 


His achievements include: 

  • Chairing two international scientific conferences—in London on 12 March 2019, and again on 11 March 2020 in Edinburgh. 
  • Being named a “Think Tank” and a “Blockchain Influencer” by the UK Parliament in July 2018. 
  • Featuring in the list of EU blockchain experts by EU Horizon 2020, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. 
  • MSc in blockchain and cryptocurrency (awarded the prestigious Genesis Block Scholarship for ‘Exceptional & Notable contributions to Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies). 
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals including The JBBA, The BMJ and McGill Medical Journal. 


Naseem has given over 300 talks (45+ keynotes) on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. 


He is a passionate supporter of blockchain and its potential for disruptive multi-industry transformation to deliver cost-effective, real-world, tangible change to society.